Inschrijven 2019

Inschrijven 2019

Een Concours d’Elégance is een evenement voor mooie klassieke auto’s, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat iedere mooie klassieker in iedere editie van het concours past. Voor iedere editie worden thema’s gekozen. Uiteraard is het van belang dat uw auto binnen een van deze thema’s past.
Is dit het geval, dan kunt u zich inschrijven om deel te nemen. Hiervoor gelden de volgende voorwaarden.

Ik geef mij hierbij op voor een uitnodiging tot deelname aan het Concours d’Elégance Paleis Soestdijk, op 24 en 25 augustus 2019.


1. Entry is limited to 75 cars. The allocation will be subject to acceptance by the organising committee.

2. Entries accompanied by a FIVA passport will have preference.

3. It is forbidden to fix any advertising on the car which enters in the competition. This includes for sale signs, telephone numbers, special license plates and everything that could lead to believe the car is there for sale.

4. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event.

5. Acceptance of the entry will be sent after consideration by the organising committee.

6. We, the undersigned, agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organisers and officials of the event and all other bodies or companies and individuals associated with or participating in the event (and their respective employees and agents) against all proceedings, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of any act, default, negligence or breach of statutory duty

7. In signing the entry application, entrants agree to the conditions above and the Events Regulations.

The organizer’s selection committee will decide upon acceptance of cars based on the following criteria: historic value, technical & aesthetical authenticity, proper presentation and elegance. All participating cars should be in perfect working order and be driven on their own power to the concours site. Cars which are accepted on the above terms will be entered in pre-defined classes to the discretion of the organizing committee.

The jury expects full cooperation of the entrant while judging a car, including opening up doors and bonnets, starting the engine and give all information regarding a car’s history. Extra points could be awarded if a car is presented by the entrant(s) wearing period dress.

The judges will make their inspection rounds along the entered cars both on Saturday and Sunday. Entrants should be with their cars for official inspection at least on Sunday, from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm. Absence of entrants during the afore mentioned time slot will lead to exclusion of the car from being inspected.

Judging will be carried out by teams of at least two judges per class. The jury will meet on Sunday at 13.00 pm, to discuss results and decide class winners, and choose Best of Show. At 15.00 pm prize winners will be notified and be requested to present themselves with their cars, and be ready for the prize giving ceremony which is planned for 16.00 pm sharp.

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Entrée fee € 450,- including VAT

  • Participation in the Concours d’Elegance Paleis Soestdijk 2019 competition
  • Admission for 2 persons to the Club d’Elégance including lunch for Saturday & Sunday
  • Saturday-night dinner party for 2 persons